Tiffany + Adam

– The engagement story –

I met with Tiffany and Adam for the first time in early 2019 over some coffee, and we spent some time getting to know each other and simply connecting. They talked me through their life together and told me that they also have two beautiful fur babies at home, a love for the outdoors, and a quaint home on the most beautiful land. Our consultation ended and we went our separate ways, a date was booked, and we were all excited to tell the story of the next exciting  upcoming chapter in their lives.

When July 9th rolled around we were blessed with the most beautiful afternoon and evening to take some pictures. I had been looking forward to this shoot for a while, so I brought with me my partner to even further capture the experience. We started at their home.

The greens and yellows of the fields and trees stretched as far as our eyes could see; all under a bright and blue clear sky. Centered in their backyard was a tall and aged willow tree that made for the perfect  place to begin our photoshoot. Getting Tiffany and Adam comfortable was effortless; as soon as we arrived their personalizes were in full swing—and I couldn’t of had a better time.

After some time spent shooting in and amongst the weeping branches of the willow, I was introduced to their pups (who are hands down some of the most photogenic huskies I’ve ever had the chance to work with). They were so excited to be out with their parents and to meet us that getting some shots required a lot of attention, affection, and of course, lots of treats. All of our efforts to get some cute “family photos” with Tiffany, Adam, and their two doggos left us with two things: some timeless photos and a fur-covered couple. We decided that this would be a good halfway point, so up next was an outfit and scenery change. If you’re from the Ohio area and are an avid outdoor appreciator, then you may be familiar with Nelson Ledges Quarry Park—a beautiful location for any day trip. Tiffany and Adam decided to finish the shoot at this nestled watery oasis, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

The sun was beginning it’s decent for the day and the color of the sky and it’s reflecting light offered the most incredible warmth. Birds sang their evening songs, small waves lapped on the clear shore, and the sounds of families enjoying their evening reverberated throughout the calm quarry. This was the perfect location for an engagement shoot.

Tiffany and Adam shared enough giggles, kisses, and love to last a lifetime—and all of it was so effortless. Standing with their toes in the clear cool water looked so satisfying—so I joined them to capture even more beautiful images. The smiles and laughs were endless, and just as the locations we shot at were authentic, cozy, and real, the energy and love between Tiffany and Adam was the same. For the few hours we spent together I had come to feel as if we had been friends for the bulk of our lives.

We enjoyed the sunset together and ended the evening with some great conversation. By the time that the kissing and endless love on one another came to an end, I just knew that I had captured some amazing images for these two love birds. Tiffany + Adam, I wish nothing but an immense about of love and happiness on this next chapter! And I am so excited to capture your wedding day in 2020! Congratulations on your journey together!

– the wedding story –

We first met Tiffany and Adam last year when they inquired about an engagement shoot. They were one of the first few shoots that Gregory and I both worked on, so it was exciting for us so come full circle by documenting their big day!

We introduced ourselves to Tiffany  and Adam on their own property in northeastern Ohio. It was a vast landscape with a view from both sides of the property. From the willow tree in their backyard to pond across the street, they truly did live in their own little paradise. We even got to meet their two fur babies!

They then took us to the quarry at Nelson’s ledges just a few minutes up the road. There we capture some of the most magical golden hour shots we’ve ever seen, and we learned quickly that Tiffany and Adam look amazing on the water.

Which brings us a year later, to their long anticipated wedding day! Just about 10 minutes from their home, we re-connected with the couple at the Shangri La, a venue that supplied the perfect  backdrop for their wedding.

Every detail, from the wooden table pieces to the hexagonal frame at the alter, was built by Tiffany and Adam.  They took pride in what they were able to make for themselves, and proved that a little bit of effort really does add to their wonderful experience

Tiffany and Adam exchanged vows on the edge of the lake, and after a quick and heart warming ceremony, they and their friends and family headed a few steps over to celebrate.

Everyone joined in the festivities. It was truly amazing to watch so many people together dancing the night away!



site credits - Tyler | rust& Pine Photography


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