We take the time to connect with our clients and understand what resonates with them. This enables us to showcase their connection in a more authentic way, giving our clients something that is truly unique to them. We take a laid-back lifestyle approach to capturing your wedding day, giving you valuable peace of mind as we capture your memories.

It's all about the connection...

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Hello, I’m Tyler! My partner Greg and I are a photo + film making duo from Youngstown, Ohio. We have been together for 3 years now (currently engaged) and have two of the most adorable fur babies you’ll ever meet. Our home is probably our favorite place on this planet, but you can catch us traveling whenever we get the chance. We believe in candid, spontaneous storytelling through artfully crafted photography. 

Naturally, we're storytellers

We're tyler and gregory.


While a dream wedding might feel like the ending to a happy fairytale, it’s just the start of a long, fulfilling relationship. Mindfulness can be used as a helpful practice for maintaining a connection with your partner over the years, so it’s a great thing to explore together as you embark on this journey. lets discuss what exactly mindfulness is as well as 7 ways mindfulness can transform your relationship for the better. 

bringing mindfulness into your relationship

let's be more mindful...

I'm spur of the moment and kind of impulsive (Greg helps balance me out, lol). We live for adventure and love creating memories. Florida has become like a second home to us and we've made so many amazing friendships while visiting.

Overnight flights and sand between our toes.

Although I was not raised in the city, Greg and I love the energy a big city provides. We’ve found that while visiting, local breweries have become our favorite places to check out. Creative beers, cool bartenders, and sometimes great food are just a few reasons to show some support.

Breweries and slow walks through the city.

Something about walking around an amusement park on a sunny day in June just brings me so much happiness. Since I was a little kid I LOVED roller coasters, and loved traveling the world experiencing all the thrills!  

Roller coasters, Funnel cakes, & Airtime!

Sometimes life gets hectic and time seems to slip away. Sunday dinner helps us to stay grounded to our roots and allows for time to slow down so we can appreciate the smaller things in life - good food, a loving family, and good banter. 

Sunday dinners and time with family.

Music Festivals have become an escape for us! We love love love live music and getting to spend the weekend with some of our best friends. Dancing the night away, is truly what makes this life worth living. 

Getting lost in the crowd under the laser beams.

In our free time...

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