The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2021

2020 has undoubtedly left a mark on the wedding industry, but what does 2021 have in store? Below, we’ll dive into some of the most likely wedding trends for 2021. 

Vacations Over Vacuums

In 2021, we’ll see a continuation of the trend to revamp wedding registries. Instead of asking for household appliances or monogrammed silverware, couples are looking for experiences above anything else. Honeymoon funds and gift cards to restaurants or experiences are all now fair game for wedding gifts.

Intimate celebrations

Out of both necessity and preference, we’ll definitely see more intimate wedding celebrations in 2021. While your ceremony might be smaller than what you originally envisioned, this also gives you more of a budget to spend on your guests, decor, and overall ceremony. As a result, we’re bound to see more lavish weddings though they may be more compact.

Longer Ceremonies

Intimate celebrations have also given newlyweds the financial means to have longer ceremonies to spend more time with close friends and family. Even if the ceremony itself still spans within a day, many couples are making an effort to keep the party going in the days following the initial celebration. Weddings hosted at Airbnbs are also becoming more common— This way you can house your guests, enjoy a vacation, and celebrate your wedding all in one sitting.

Alternative Wedding Dresses

Having an extravagant, white wedding dress isn’t necessarily the dress code anymore. In 2021, we’ll see more alternative wedding dresses or non-dresses like pantsuits or two-piece sets. Brides and grooms are also looking for outfits that seamlessly transition from the ceremony to the reception with ease. Wedding dresses are also becoming more personalized, with customized dresses booming on online artisan marketplaces like Etsy.

Mixing Traditions

Getting married often means blending two families along with their traditions. Therefore, strict ceremonies are a thing of the past— Instead, newlyweds are opting for ceremonies that mix the cultures and traditions of both families into one ceremony. Other couples are ditching traditional structures altogether and opting for more intimate events like a quaint dinner party with friends in lieu of a big ceremony.

Ditch The Cake

One of the biggest wedding trends on the rise is ditching the traditional wedding cake for something a bit more personalized. If you’re not a cake fan yourself, why not opt for a tower of donuts or cookies? Not a dessert lover? Instead, order a beautiful charcuterie arrangement and give your guests a sampling of different wine. Your wedding should speak to your interests as a couple, and food choices are no exception to the rule.

Videography Is a Must

In an age dominated by YouTube and other video sharing platforms, newlyweds are looking for videographers to capture their magical day in real-time. In addition, couples might be interested in live-streaming options for family and friends that can’t make it out to the full ceremony in 2021. It’s clear that capturing cinematic wedding videos is a trend that’s here to stay and flourish in 2021.

Sustainable Celebrations

With an on-set of eco-conscious consumers, couples are looking for innovative ways to incorporate sustainability into their ceremonies. Whether that’s opting for e-vite over paper invitations or eliminating the use of flower foam, newlyweds are trying their best to cut down on waste throughout their ceremony. 2021 will also see a rise in couples incorporating fresh, local produce and catering in their receptions.

The Full Package

In 2021, couples are looking for wedding venues that can host the wedding itself and the reception all in the same place. Not only does this save money in a lot of cases, but it also cuts down on confusion and travel time for your guests so that you can focus on celebrating your big day.

Vibrant Colors

The “white wedding” standard is a thing of the past. In 2021, we’ll see more daring uses of vibrant color throughout wedding ceremonies. Whether it’s bright, rainbow botanicals, or a colorful wedding dress, nothing is out of bounds. While we’ll still see a lot of pastels in 2021, many newlyweds are looking for a ceremony with a little extra flair.

Out of the Box Venues

Couples are opting for more personalized ceremonies, even if that means hosting the celebration in a non-traditional wedding venue. Brides and grooms are planning their weddings in restaurants, sports arenas, greenhouses— you name it. This gives couples to share a more personal side of their story and create truly memorable ceremonies for their guests.

It’s clear that 2021 will be a standout year for wedding celebrations. Hopefully, some of these wedding trends for 2021 will help inspire your planning process. As long as you and your partner create a wedding that’s truly your own, it’s bound to be a one-of-kind, meaningful experience for everyone involved.

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