13 Unique Ways To Make Your Wedding Memories Last

Your wedding day is no doubt one of the most important days of your life, but how can you make those memories last forever?

Below, we’ll delve into 13 ways to remember the big day for years to come.

01/ Try A New Scent

Our memories are deeply tied to all of our senses, which is why you might be reminded of your past when you eat a particular food. Luckily, the same principle applies to smell. On your wedding day, opt for a different perfume or cologne than usual. That way, every time you and your spouse get dolled up in the future, you’ll be reminded of your special day.

02/ Get A Guest Book

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but for good reason— A guest book can instantly take you back to your special day. For a slightly different approach, ask for your guests to write down a piece of advice for the road ahead of you. That way, you and your new spouse will be off to a great start, and you’ll also have a unique way to remember all those who came out to celebrate your big day.

03/ Create A Memory Box

If you’re a sentimental person, make sure you collect different things from the wedding to help remember your special day. You can put all of these items in a box and put it out for display, or just keep it for whenever you want to relive your wedding. The box can contain items like wedding invitations, photos, freeze-dried flowers, or anything that holds special meaning to you and your spouse.

04/ Make A Special Playlist

Remembering your wedding could be as simple as creating a playlist that will instantly transport you back to that special day. You and your fiance could create the playlist together before the wedding, waiting to play it until the big day. After the big day, you can always turn on the special playlist to send you back to that magical moment.

05/ Pick A Unique Venue

Any unique wedding starts with a great venue— Be sure to pick a place that truly means something to you all as a couple, even if it breaks the rules a little bit. You could get married at your favorite sports stadium, in a quaint backyard setting, or maybe an intimate wedding at the restaurant where you had your first date. Wherever it is, pick somewhere truly meaningful to make those memories last a lifetime.

06/ Don’t Skimp Out On Photos Or Videos

One of the most important parts of capturing your wedding is making sure that your ceremony and reception are given the justice they deserve. Make sure that your wedding photographer and videographer align with your style preferences. Remember, photos and videos are an investment. You’ll likely cherish your wedding video and photos your entire lives, so make sure you pick the right team for the job.

07/ Learn Something New

At Rust & Pine, we know that wedding receptions don’t have to be linear. One of the best ways to remember your wedding is by picking up a new skill with your spouse, and potentially your guests! You could organize a flash mob, or bring in a salsa teacher during your reception to teach you and your guests a new way to boogie. If you’re adventurous, you could even try a new food together at your reception. Any novel experience is bound to be memorable.

08/ Utilize Social Media

On the day of your wedding, why not create a hashtag on Instagram or Twitter so that your guests can easily connect with one another? If you want to get extra fancy, you can even create a custom Snapchat or Instagram filter for the big day.

09/ Have A Video Booth

Photo booths are pretty common, but videos are less so. Set up a video booth where your guests can leave quick recordings of funny memories, stories from the past, or well-wishes for the future.

10/ Revisit Where You Got Married

After your wedding, don’t forget to come back to where it all began. Make a tradition out of coming back to your wedding venue to revisit all the love you felt on that magical day.

11/ Plant Something Together In Your Backyard

If you or your spouse have a green thumb, why not plant a tree or something together shortly after you get married? You’ll be able to watch the plant grow over time as a daily reminder of the love you share together.

12/ Have A Fun Send-Off

End your wedding on a high note! Close out the ceremony with fireworks, bubbles, rice, confetti— whatever works best for you and your spouse. Regardless of what it is, you and your spouse will love remembering the spectacular ending of your big day.

13/ Turn Your Pictures Into A Work Of Art

One way to always remember your wedding is to turn your precious picture into beautiful prints. After your photoset is delivered from Rust & Pine, you can download the photos to your desktop and order professional prints, canvasses, and more right from home. Turn your memories into a work of art that’s a staple in your home.

Your wedding day will always be a great reminder of the love between you and your spouse. Use any of the 13 methods to commemorate your special day and celebrate your joy for years to come.


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