How To Take Advantage Of Your Wedding Being Postponed

Unfortunately, today’s unprecedented times have led to postponements of many kinds, and your big day is no exception to the rule. If you find yourself having to postpone or even cancel your wedding for the time being, don’t get discouraged!

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of this unexpected time to make your wedding celebration even better after quarantine ceases. Below, we’ll dive into the best ways to make the most out of your delayed wedding plans.

Take Care of Logistics First

As heart-wrenching and potentially financially taxing as this can be, it’s important to take care of logistics first and foremost. Once you get this aspect out of the way, you’ll be able to focus on the surprising amount of benefits that can come from having extra unplanned time to prepare for your big day.

Contacting The Venue

According to The Knot, couples spend disproportionately more on the venue than any other aspect of the wedding. Hence, it’s important to contact your venue about your decision as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on any potential savings.

Fortunately, many venues will allow you to move your wedding to a future date with little or no added cost due to the outstanding circumstances. In the event that you do have to cancel completely, make sure you’re adequately prepared— Some venues may not be able to return your full refund depending on the original contract.

In order to reduce as much confusion as possible, make giving your venue a call a top priority.


Along with the venue, you’ll want to contact any vendors and suppliers if you haven’t done so already.

Your Guests 

Let your guests know about the cancellation or postponement as soon as you can in case they have to reschedule travel plans or lodging arrangements. Even if you haven’t picked a new date yet, the extra head’s up can be extremely helpful for processing refunds or booking exchanges.

Use The Extra Time to Sock Away Money

Some of us are saving extra money that would’ve been going towards dining out or otherwise during normal circumstances. Use this extra money to your advantage— Maybe there’s something you can add to your future wedding ceremony to make it even more special. Or, use this time to save money for your future lives together or honeymoon.

Deals and Discounts

If you haven’t booked everything for your wedding, scour the internet for deals and discounts. Due to the current state of affairs, many venues, vendors, and even bakeries are offering tremendous packages at a fraction of the regular cost for a payment advance. Plus, you can help one of these businesses stay afloat during this tricky time in the process.

Move The Reception

If you and your future spouse are set on eloping on your original date, don’t despair! You can always get officially married as planned (You can even self-officiate in a number of states) and move your reception with friends and family to a later date.

You Can Still Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Just because you aren’t getting married on your original date doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! Plan a cozy night in with your partner or cook a delicious meal with your fiance when the date rolls around. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be special, but you’ll both love appreciating the date for something different rather than nothing at all.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

There’s no doubt that postponing or canceling your wedding can take an emotional toll. Be sure to go easy on yourself during this time, and focus on how all of your hard work now is going to pay off tremendously in the future.

Also, don’t feel discouraged if you and your fiance are facing more arguments than usual. A pandemic is a stressful time for everyone, so it makes sense that you may find yourself a little on edge.

If anything, this is great practice for bearing the challenges of the road ahead. Take this situation in stride and work to build a healthier communication dialogue with your future spouse. Some couples in both religious and non-religious partnerships like to invest in pre-marital counseling for extra clarity regarding their respective communication styles.

Regardless of your strategy, this extra time can be used as a great way to get to know your partner on an even deeper level.

Announce Your New Plans Whenever You’re Ready

It’s totally understandable to feel unsure of future wedding plans when there’s so much collective uncertainty about our current state of affairs. Make sure you announce your new plans whenever you feel truly ready. As long as your guests are kept in the loop with your wedding plans, they’re sure to understand the difficult decision to move or cancel a future wedding date.

After all, it is your wedding. There’s nothing wrong with taking the extra time to make sure your big day is an undoubtedly magical experience. At the end of the day, getting married is about you and your partner, and your guests will be happy to attend your rejuvenated ceremony whenever that may be.


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