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I first discovered photography while living in Orlando. There is was easy… everything was beautiful… so taking a beautiful picture was simple. Being able to see how beautiful the world was from somewhere other than Youngstown, Ohio opened my mind to the culture outside of the city I grew up in.
After living in Orlando for about a year I came home and my passion slowly started to fade because I no longer had the sunny beaches, tall palm trees, or Cinderella’s castle in my backyard to photograph… all I had was Youngstown, this place of misery and depression. 

With my passion gone, happiness started to fade away, I got stuck in a state of negativity. I lost all interest in life; from school, to work, to maintaining relationships with friends and family. I was numb to the world. I traveled and escaped to music festivals which where the only source of feeling alive I could find. Through this new life I’ve met some beautiful and creative souls that helped shape and start my creative journey. 

Fast forward a year, I recently moved into my new apartment and one night I was inspired to go to eBay and bid on a camera, I won! That remaining night and following week I watched countless hours of YouTube on how to work my new (used) dslr. Once I received it, the camera felt like a gift from the universe herself. I felt it was the creative pursuit I was meant to have in life. 

Fast forward another three years to today and I could not be more proud and grateful of where this creative passion has brought me. It’s allowed me to see the beauty in the world no matter where I am, even Youngstown.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I believe that statement applies to happiness too. On this creative pursuit I’ve discovered happiness isn’t something I should be In search for because it is not some abstract thing that can be found. Happiness is a feeling you get from love and doing something you love.

Photography has shown me the love and magic the universe has to give and the beauty it has to witness. So here I am, sharing the beauty I see in the world with you. 
Thank you for supporting me on this journey through life.  


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