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Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions below! If you can’t find the answer to your question please feel free to reach out to us at hello@rustandpine.com

+ how many team members are on location during a wedding day?

We like to keep things simple. There will never be more than two R+P team members on location during your wedding day. So much is already happening, that there is no need for us to add to the mahyem. Tyler will be the primary photographer and greg will be your primary videographer.

If you would like to add additional coverage, we can add a second photographer to any wedding collection. Usually we shoot more intamite weddings, so we encourage our couples who are planning on haveing over 150 guests to consider adding a second photographer onto your team for the day. There is a $350 fee to bring on the additional photographer.

+ you seem to have shot in a few different states other than ohio, how does that work?

We honestly LOVE to travel! Getting to travel as well as be hired to capture different love stories is probably our greatest life accomplishments thus far. We’ve shot everywhere from the Florida sunshine, to the rainy Virginia mountains.

Since everyone’s needs are different when it comes to traveling, each client’s collection is tailored based on their needs as well as the needs of our team. We will shoot weddings, elopements, and engagement sessions where ever you are located, fees start at the base price for your inquired collection adding the travel expenses as well as the hotel accommodations.

Travel Collections starting at: for photo only services

Weddings – $1500

Elopments – $750

Engagement – $200

In addition to R+P travel expenses.

+ can we have the unedited files?

I’m going to get a little nerdy for a sec.

your entire wedding day is shot in the .RAW camera format, because of this your *unedited (.RAW) files are only compatible with professional photo editing software.

We do not shoot .jpg files during your wedding day because we typically are using only natural light. .raw files allow a photographer to have A LOT more control over the final images we deliver to our clients.

We do offer a converting fee to those clients who are interested in having the non-edited .RAW files converted to .jpg files of $500, which can be purchased up to 6 months after your wedding date.

+ have you ever shot in our venue before? does that make a difference?

We love this question!

We are a creative team! We flourish in situations that allow us to be in unfamiliar territory. Shooting in new venues allows us to really tap into our creative juices and get familiar with the unfamiliar. We love the challenge and we love clients who trust us to take it!

+ do you meet with people before booking?

We leave that totally up to you. If you want to grab a coffee or a beer, hangout on facetime, or chat through email; we are comfortable holding a consultation in any form. Tyler will typically be the one to chat with you during your scheduled consultation, you can learn more about him here!

It’s nice to meet face to face because this allows us to establish a connection before we get real up close and personal. Hanging out and getting a vibe for one another is also key in creating a comfortable environment for you during your session. In short, we STRONGLY encouage our couples to also book an engagement session.

+ what if you get sick or can’t show up to the wedding?

Gonna keep this short and sweet because we don’t want to manifest this into existence…

I wish I could promise life wouldn’t get in the way and that we were superhuman or something because we honestly wouldn’t miss any wedding if we didn’t have to. However R+P is a team, not just a single guy behind the camera. We also have two associates, who we trust to bring along with us in case one of us can’t make it.


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