Quan + Austin


Quan + Austin are a beautiful young couple from Youngstown, Ohio who proclaimed their love for one another one July 31, 2019.

In the midst of moving into their new home together, Quan and Austin were set on celebrating their love. In the company and witness of a friend (and myself), Austin and Quan exchanged their vows in the architecturally beautiful courthouse in downtown Youngstown.

Quan and Austin’s special day was packed full of beauty, spontaneity, and of course, love.

After the new bride and groom shared their first kiss, they walked out of the courthouse hand in hand. Their smiles lit up their faces as they emerged out of the large doors where flower petals danced down from the sky. As their eyes adjusted to the sun, they were met (and surprised) by their friends and coworkers who loved them and were excited to celebrate, waiting just outside.

It was such an honor to be a part of such a small and intimate ceremony, and the images here showcase just how genuine and fun these two are! Their presence brought every location—from the courthouse through the Riverside Gardens—to life. Congratulations on your new life, and from Rust&Pine to you, we wish you both the happiest and abundant life!

Tyler Shaffer