Lindy + Aaron

Since our first consultation over coffee, Lindy and I had a beautiful connection and I was beyond excited to capture her and the love she had for Aaron on their big day. With her wedding being the one first of my 2019 wedding season, my nerves where high—I was so excited! In fact, knew I needed a good night's rest the night before, but I was just too excited to start capturing her special day that sleep was out of the question. 

Lindy & Aaron pronounces and celebrated their love on May 25, 2019 at the Fellows Riverside Gardens. When we first arrived, the skies were gray, and every so often one of us would feel a light drop from the clouds bounding above us. However, just as if the entire planet was in on the celebration, as soon as it was time for Lindy and Aaron to walk down the aisle, the grey was gone, the sun was out, and the sky was crystal blue. The sun’s light provided us so much warmth as it’s rays peeked through the green canopy of fresh early Spring trees, it felt like we were all experiencing something out of a fairytale!

As it was time for Lindy to make her entrance, the magic was in full effect. The violinist’s notes danced beautifully around the garden; each soft note seemed to pull Lindy down the lush green aisle toward her soon to be husband, Aaron who I noticed couldn’t help but shedding tears as he watched his beautiful bride make her way to him. Moments like these are why I absolutely love doing what I do. They joined together and the love they had for one another was shared with everyone there to witness. 

After the ceremony was over, Lindy & Aaron continued their celebration at the Divieste’s Banquet Center in Warren, Ohio. From their delicious buffet to the beautiful tiered cake, the newlyweds shared an amazing evening of dancing, laughs, love, and food with their friends and loved ones. The best part of the night was when the DJ played Baby shark (do do do do), and Liam, Lindy’s little man took over the dance floor! No one else in the entire venue could compare to his moves! :) 

Thank you again Lindy & Aaron for allowing the Rust&Pine team to capture your special day! We are sending you so much love and happiness on this new journey in life. 

Tyler Shaffer