Lindsey + Steve

It was back in April when I first had the opportunity to meet Lindsey for her consultation. Everything was scheduled as per usual, and I was excited to get the chance to collaborate with a new client. Our consultation was scheduled at one of our favorite coffee shops in Boardman, and there we were going to discuss the potential date and time for an upcoming engagement session for her and her fiancé, Steve. Being the planner that I am, I arrived a little early. I typically like to settle in before my client so I can organize my materials, settle in, and be prepared to showcase what Rust&Pine is all about. My consultation was scheduled to play out like any other, so without hesitation I walked up to the barista, ordered my coffee, and sat down organized my thoughts. Once I was finally settled in, all I had left was to hang out in the small shop and patiently sip my coffee amongst the other patrons until Lindsey arrived. Like I said, everything started off as per usual so all I had left was to wait...and wait...and wait.  I’m not much of a worrier, but as the time on my watch grew nearer and nearer to our scheduled meeting time, and then the hands passed our consultation time, I did grow a little nervous. Nobody else walked in, and there were only a few others in the cafe so i was left in my seat wondering “where is she?!”

Just then my phone lit up, and it was a message from Lindsey. “I’m here,” it said, further throwing me into confusion. Was I at the right place? I started to wonder, and immediately began to respond. As I hit send my eyes looked up and I scanned the room. As my message delivered I watched a girl at a table just ahead of me look at her phone, reply, and BING! Lindsey texted me back. It was her! In short, I assumed she was a student working on homework or something, so pro life tip: never assume anything because assumptions are our minds playing tricks on us. 

Now, fast forward two months later.  I had the pleasure of meeting her fiance, Steve! They are definitely a perfect match, and they both share a love for the outdoors and possess the most adventurous souls. We began their session on their elementary school playground, from there headed to a beautiful lakefront picnic, then to Lindsey’s family’s property, which was absolutely stunning! We lucked out with a beautiful sunny day for their session and I am so grateful to have captured their love story! 

I can confidently say that Lindsey and Steve’s engagement session was nothing like anything I had ever been honored to be a part of—from consultation to the last photo. From wading in overflowing lakes, to watching them race their dirt bikes across never ending fields, all I can say is that I will never forget and always appreciate their time, experience, and unique and beautiful love. I hope this collection is as amazing for you as it was for me to capture.

behind the scenes

Tyler Shaffer