The Ballroom on Church Street


This venue was created by the photography gods, and luckily because of my amazing clients Gina & P.J. I was given the opportunity to shoot there! In October of 2018, I was flown down to Orlando, FL where I was welcomed to a beautiful weekend by my lovely bride and groom.


The weekend was full of festivities all leading up to the moment that was blessed upon me when I first walked though the double doors of this incredible building! The light cast through the window was golden yellow, and the stained glass glistened in the sunlight.


The ballroom on Church street was an absolute gem of a venue. the old architecture along with the gorgeous chandeliers created a lovely scene for a couple to wed. There were two gardens on each side of the venue creating a gorgeous location to shoot a first look between the bride and groom.


I cannot wait to see where else photographing weddings takes me. I am so grateful to witness these beautiful locations because of my clients!


Tyler Shaffer