Rust+Pine is a brand that represents everything that love represents. The old and the new, the chaos and the quiet, the adventure and the peaceful, the playful and the intimate.

When I was trying to tie the business identity to a brand, I wanted it to be something that really spoke to my clients. I didn't want it to just be "adventurous photography for goofy lovers" because even the goofy lovers have their moments of quiet intimacy. This brand is meant to represent BALANCE because that is what love, marriage, & life is all about.

I’m here to capture your most EPIC moments in the most beautiful of places, overlooking an oceanside cliff in the glowing sunlight. But I am also are here to tell your story in your backyard, chilling on a hammock, drinking some beers in your pjs. Whatever your love story looks like, Rust&Pine is here to capture it and share it with the world as it represents YOU in all of your magnificent lights.